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Playing sports would have anti-aging effects

It's no secret that physical activity keeps you in shape. But not only. According to a recent study published by the British magazine Sciences Advance , playing sports would act directly on our immune cells and would fight against the aging process.
"Young cells are a guarantee of good health" explains Anabelle Decottignies, doctor of pharmacy and professor at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. "If your health is more fragile as you age, it is because your immune cells also age. The same goes for the brain, whose functions are disrupted with age. ”
For the purposes of the study, Anabelle Decottignies and her team asked ten volunteers to cycle for 45 minutes. They performed a muscle biopsy, before and after the sports session. It emerged that the exercise had stimulated the NRF1 discomfort which is directly linked to telomeres, a kind of small biological clocks at the end of our DNA. When these telomeres are in good shape, our DNA and cells stay young. When damaged, cells age. And by playing sports, we could produce protective molecules for these famous telomeres.
Be careful though, not all physical activities are created equal! Instead of weight training, prefer a good jog or a cardio class. Nothing like it to start the day well and preserve its youthful capital.

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