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To make the facial skin elastic. How to make the skin elastic at home?

To make the facial skin elastic. How to make the skin elastic at home?

Age-related skin changes always begin, but the first sign is always the elasticity of the skin on the face and hands. In some women, the elasticity of facial skin begins to decline at the age of twenty-five - the first fine pigmentation appears. And for some, even at 40, their skin is soft and young. The causes are hereditary and the severity and health status of skin care. And the elasticity of the facial skin depends on its type. Dry skin begins to decrease elasticity. And women with oily skin get every opportunity to keep her young. And yet, any woman who questions herself soon or soon will make her skin soft.

Principles for maintaining skin elasticity

Although it is important to ask if this is not a "how to", how to maintain facial skin elasticity. It is easy for young people to be saved by leading an active life with a positive and optimistic outlook. So, at any age it is necessary to look young, preserve youth, body, soul and mind. And without physical exertion, daily stress, and spiritual practice, this would be impossible.

Physical activity Anything: be it a sport or a homework, a factory or a field. If you solve difficult tasks that require new knowledge every day, you can train your mind. The development of new skills, even a modest change of work gives rise to additional development. Oddly enough, this may seem to some people, but it is spiritual practices that help the facial skin to maintain elasticity. Here, a person's choices are as broad as physical and emotional stress. Anyone can find a practice they like.

How to maintain (must maintain) elastic facial skin This is the day-to-day care of the next problem-solving method. This method helps restore the skin's elasticity, so more on this later

Nutrition is very important in human life. And proper nutrition supports the youth. Therefore, one more principle has to be adhered to in order to maintain youth.

How to Make a Skin

You can restore the elasticity of the skin at any age. Of course, one hundred percent regeneration is possible only in the early stages of eradication. But how can you fix the problem at any stage to make the skin more stable.

Today, there are cosmetic lines for skin care for every age group. It helps you tackle the task of making the skin as elastic, as effective as possible. It should be noted that if you are not able to use professional cosmetics for skin care at a young age, it is very difficult to restore facial skin elasticity without anti-aging cosmetics. Of course, using anti-aging serum is expensive and not everyone can afford it. However, every woman can choose the basis of skin care in the form of cream day and night. And the lack of anti-aging serum should be replaced in another way.
Restoring skin tone means restoring skin elasticity. You must use the energy of water to enhance the skin tone. Reversible contraction connections on the face, ice cubes from herbal decoctions are those easy and affordable ways to help tone the muscles of the mouth and epidermis. And contributes to the elasticity of the skin on the face. It is very easy to start each day with this national ice wash, including cubes with a decoction of herbs. This method is one of the best solutions to problems with prophylaxis and how to make facial skin elastic. Ice cubes can be made using different fluids. You can substitute herbal decoctions with mineral water, berry juice (vibranium, for example) or vegetables, with sea water.

The mask is used to create clean and special nourishment for the skin. The facial skin texture will come back two to four times a month to nourish the skin with the help of a mask. To increase the elasticity of the skin you can provide the following mask. It is oily and suitable for normal skin types.

Beat egg whites, add lemon or lime juice (30-50 ml) and 15 ml of sesame oil (can be replaced with hazelnut or grape seed oil). In the process of whipping, add two to three drops of rosemary essential oil to the mixture. The waxed composition with foam is applied to the face in several layers, allowing to dry and wash out after an hour. For such masks can be prepared based on jojoba oil or nuts.
With a mint-protein mask you can give any kind of refreshment to the skin. An egg whipped protein with a tablespoon of cornmeal is prepared with a teaspoon of rosemary and a tablespoon of pasta in mint leaves. Apply the whipping mixture to the face and neck in several layers. After drying, rinse with water.

For oily and normal skin, a protein mask with tuck cream and grapefruit juice should be given. Protein is mixed with one teaspoon tuck cream and half tablespoon fresh squeezed grape juice. Strap everything into the foam. Apply the whip mixture to the face for a quarter. Wash in warm, soft water. For softness, you can drop a tablet of activated carbon into the water or use melted water.

Not just protein. Gelatin has a drastic effect. For gelatin masks that increase the elasticity of the facial skin, it will need an equal ratio: dry gelatin, lemon juice and glycerin. Boil gelatin in a glass of warm water (200 ml), let it roll until it is completely dissolved. Then mix lemon juice and glycerin. Face the composition for an quarter of an hour. Can be used every morning.

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