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How to make a splash for the winter.

How to make a splash for the winter

Cucumbers can be eaten raw, as well as chilled, salted and even stewed for winter, there are plenty of recipes on specialty culinary sites. The most popular is the Salt Cockroach, which can be a wonderful meal for the holiday table and a vitamin supplement in the daily menu. You will need to prepare them: crow, garlic, aromatic herbs, salt and water.

The first thing that needs to be done is selecting the vegetables for salting. It's about the same size as those who like, thicker and darker green. Salt cucumbers should always be stored in empty jars, glass jars or in salted containers with extract enamel for winter tomatoes, as well as any other container that does not oxidize. Storing salted cucumbers in winter aluminum pans is strictly prohibited, as the acid will destroy the aluminum oxide film and transfer the unsafe substances to the product partially.

How to water cucumbers

Cellar under house
Tomato juice preserves pepper
Put a few beans of pepper in the bottom of the prepared container, and add them to the aroma, and black, garlic and greens. You can add cherry, oak and horseradish leaves to help keep your pickle crisp and aromatic. When the crow comes out of the water, carefully cutting the tips, fixing the fixing with a needle can accelerate the process. Then we put them in a container without ramming, otherwise the fruit will lose their crispness.

Next, prepare the brine - for this, water is poured into the pan and salt is added with 2 tbsp. Spoon with steam over 1 liter of water. Brine boils are not required, but only brought to this state. Then put some spices in a jar and fill the cucumbers with hot liquid. Grease the remaining greens on top and toss. To do this, place a clean plate in the container according to the diameter of the pan and place the load on top (jar or water bottle).

This is basically the whole secret of cooking, thanks to which the equines will delight you all winter. Stored according to this method, you will not spend much time, and your family will be able to eat salty and crispy cucumbers on the second day. If you want to get more sour vegetables, you should leave them at home to ferment in brine for a few days. Alternatively, the temperature inside the refrigerator or the room below the temperature is above 0 degrees where you need a container with glue to remove.

Recipe No. 2 - Quick and Tasty

This recipe will require smaller sized cucumbers, with a thinner hole. Ideally, these greenhouses are more flexible, with vegetables. To prepare, take a plastic food container or a glass jar, which can be tightly closed to the lid. The sliced ​​greens, a few cloves of garlic in the bottom, should be crushed slightly with a knife, as well as a few slices of black beans and lard.
Cut with glass and place as tightly as possible in the jar, sprinkle well with salt. Tighten the container tightly, and then start shaking it violently so that the contents hit against the container's walls. Within minutes the cucumbers will start to juice and almost completely sink into the sea.

In an hour, you need to shake the jar annually, after which you can feed on salted cucumbers. This is just to wash off the extra salt from the glass and serve them on the table, which is neatly placed in the dish. This recipe makes it possible to cook the sauce in minutes. Of course, to save them for the winter, this method is not suitable, but will be suitable for lunch at the cottage.

Salted cucumbers in tomato juice
This recipe for salting cucumber in a tomato is perfect for a frying pan or a large fridge to store in a cool place. The juice is pressed from the tomato, willing to use fresh.

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