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Learn how to make protein powder at home, drinking 2 spoons in 1 glass of milk will relieve weakness

Learn how to make protein powder at home, drinking 2 spoons in 1 glass of milk will relieve weakness

Proteins play a big role in building your body. 18 to 20 percent of your total body weight comes from protein. This is the reason that people who want to increase their weight or remove weakness of the body, they are advised to eat a high protein diet. Protein powders are a very good option for protein deficiency. Protein powder is generally used more by gym goers and athletes. The reason for this is that proteins increase the muscles and make the body strong. But everyone needs protein.

If you drink 2 teaspoons of protein powder mixed with a glass of milk daily in the winter season, then you will be full of energy throughout the day and your health will also be healthy. Proteins also keep the heart and lungs healthy. Apart from this, they also help in maintaining the pH level of the body.

Most of the protein powders available in the market are very expensive and many harmful substances have also been found in them. So today we are telling you the easy way to make tasty, safe, vegetarian and healthy protein powder for yourself and all the family members at home.

Ingredients required to make protein powder
Protein base
Protein seeds obtained from plants and fruits
Nuts for antioxidants and vitamins
Your favorite Indian spice for flavor
Protein base
To make protein powder, you will first need a protein base, which you will easily find on the local market or online store. Most safe and natural protein bases are those obtained from plants. For this, you can choose one of the 2 protein powder bases -

Protein base made of spirulina - 8 grams in 2 teaspoons of spirulina powder
Nutritional Yeast Protein Base - It also contains about 8 grams of protein in a 2 teaspoon base.
After the base, now you have to add some other things to it.

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Choose protein-rich seeds
There are a lot of seeds available in the market which have good amount of protein. Seeds are very good for making protein powder. Since the seeds are derived from plants and are completely natural, this powder is safe for every member of your household. For protein powder, you can choose 1 or more than 1 seeds. Usually 4-5 teaspoons of seeds are enough.

Sunflower seeds
Chia Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Brown Rice Powder
Increase the power of proteins and antioxidants with nuts
To make your protein powder more healthy and tasty, you can also add nuts to it. All the nuts like cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, etc. contain a lot of antioxidants and vitamins, which protect your body from diseases and keep it healthy. You can make and mix the powder of your favorite nuts in protein powder.

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Match your favorite flavor
You can also add your favorite flavor to the protein powder to make it tasty. But here if you want good and healthy protein powder, then you should not mix artificial flavors, but also flavors made from spices and dry fruits at home, such as basil dry leaves powder, cumin powder, pepper powder, organo powder Or turmeric powder etc.

Mix all the things mentioned above and your protein powder is ready. You can give this protein powder to children from 3 years of age to any age group. It is completely safe due to being made from things obtained from plants.

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