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Palm syrup for children - A natural sweet taste for baby foods

Children make an immediate choice for any edible thing that tastes sweet. However, consuming sugar or jaggery daily in their diet may not be the healthiest way to meet their needs. New moms are generally advised not to give sugar to babies until they are one year old. But if you want to satisfy your child's interest in sugar, you can give him palm syrup, this natural sweetness can be quite effective.

Benefits of using dates syrup for children

Palm syrup is a natural sweetener that can be used in baby food, but there is more to it. There are many benefits and health-related benefits of dates, which find their way to the child through the syrup syrup. Determine how this syrup benefits a baby:

The presence of fiber helps reduce any presence of constipation in the baby's face, as well as naturally stimulate the gut.
The list of palm nutrients is quite extensive. They are rich in vitamin A, as well as multiple minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron, which help to reduce the tendency of anemia.
How to use palm syrup?
Tasting a small portion of palm syrup will make you aware of its delicious taste. Using it wisely with your child can help in a variety of ways. Since it is a safe and natural way for your child to taste the sweetness of a meal, you can use it in many preparations.

You can enhance the taste by adding dates of dates to the milk syrup. Some believe that the combination of iron and calcium directly to the palm may reduce the chances of iron absorption. Therefore, you can consult your doctor before adding dates to your baby's milk syrup.
If your little one is starting to eat bread or portions of dosa and pancakes, you can use palm syrup on these before feeding the baby.
When preparing any dessert for your little one or family, opt for sour syrup instead of sugar or any other sweetener.
Even simple preparations such as cooked puree or porridge for the baby can use palm syrup as an agent of sweetness.
Homemade palm syrup recipe for children
Instead of buying palm syrup from any marketplace, you can make it in your home without any hassle. Here is an easy and quick recipe for making palm syrup for your baby
A cup of water
A cup of date palm
How to make

Wash the dates and remove the seeds.
Once the seeds have been sown, cut them out.
Put these sliced ​​dates in a container and add boiling water to it.
Cover the bowl with a lid and leave it for a few hours so the dates are soft and tender.
After soaking the apricots well, take them out and lick them.
Take another bowl, tighten a muslin cloth over it and pour the sliced ​​palm well into it.
Add water to the lid on the cloth filter as needed.
Put it in a pan and let it boil. Let it boil over medium flame until the solution starts to thicken. Shake occasionally to avoid any possibility of burning.
Once it starts to become thicker and darker, it resembles a honey, and you can stop the flame. Allow the mixture to cool. Take a glass jar and pour palm syrup in it, close it tightly.
Preparation Time: The total preparation time for the preparation of the ingredients is not more than 5 minutes.

Total cooking time: The total time it takes to make the final date syrup can be from half an hour to 5 minutes.

Part of the serving: This recipe can easily help you get about 5 ml of syrup.

Tips to remember
Palm syrup can usually be kept for about a week. So prepare the quantity accordingly.
The syrup continues to thicken with cooling. So get off the flame at the right time.
Avoid using palm syrup repeatedly in your child's diet, otherwise he will become addicted to the sweet taste.
Using sour syrup with milk for children is a great way to enhance the taste as well as provide them with good nutrition. However, it is advisable that you take it in moderation and use it after consulting your doctor

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