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The 'ghost of fitness' should not make you sick, these 5 signs suggest that you are a 'fitness hangover

The 'ghost of fitness' should not make you sick, these 5 signs suggest that you are a 'fitness hangover'

There are many benefits to exercising. But if people get rid of the ghost of fitness, then it can be more harmful. The way some people become addicted to fitness seeing the benefits of exercise, it is nothing less than an addiction. Constantly thinking about how exercise will help reduce the risk of developing many long-term (chronic) conditions, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke, is turning exercise into a pain in itself. Exercise addiction is an unhealthy obsession with physical fitness and exercise. It is often the result of body image disorders or eating disorders. Like any addiction, exercise addiction can also release harmful chemicals in the body that create a feeling of pleasure while exercising, but can make you sick later on. But the only way to avoid it is to understand the signs of getting used to it first and then try to overcome it. Let us tell you about these signs.

Breathing even when resting

If someone has a fitness hangover, he breathes fast even while resting. Actually, these people get used to it because when they exercise, their breath becomes very fast. Then they start to do the same thing over and over again, then they become such a habit. Exercising without rest can damage your heart. In this damage, heart disease, nervousness (irregular heart rate) and heart may start moving at a fast speed, etc. Apart from this, resting such habit can also increase heartbeat. Damage to the heart can cause difficulty in breathing, chest tightness and sudden heart rate.

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Eating Disorders-
Eating and drinking habits of a person change as soon as a fitness hangover begins. With this, a person starts to do more of those things to get maximum fitness, which makes him feel that he will be more healthy. In such a situation, the person starts eating and drinking and starts exercising, which can be dangerous for him. Exercise addiction reduces the level of hormones called appetite-reducing ghrelin and increases the levels of peptides, which are responsible for killing hunger., According to many researchers by Loughborough University, UK, eating Disorders can make a person suffer from headaches, osteoporosis and other physical troubles.

Work in pain

People who exercise regularly and engage in physical stress regularly experience muscle stiffness and still continue to do their daily chores. While the body wants to rest, but a person who is drunk on exercise starts to workout more and more every day. This leads to overuse of their joints, bones and organs. People who are addicted to exercise also work in pain, which is a major sign of exercise addiction. Exercising in pain increases the risk of chronic muscle injuries such as cramboidolysis. But still there is no lack of exercise in such people. Such people should understand these signs and then reduce it for some time.

lack of sleep-

Exercise addiction can damage a person's stress-response systems, causing cortisol and adrenaline hormones to be released. These can be the cause of sleep problems like insomnia. Overwork of the muscles keeps the body restless and hyper active, which can cause difficulty sleeping. In this way other physical problems begin to occur due to lack of sleep. If you work on your fitness for hours every day and you are not feeling sleepy even after so much fatigue, then you understand that you have started riding the ghost of fitness. Because after fast exercise the body falls asleep after getting tired and if it is not happening with you, then take care of yourself.

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