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5 Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Baby Massage

The massage of children and their various benefits is greatly appreciated. Baby massages are a fun way to improve your baby's development! Although baby massages have been popular for decades, the choice of used oils has changed over time. Although traditional natural oils may influence the popular perception of what is best for the baby, care is taken to make these oils more gentle for baby massages. Why? Well, you want your baby's skin to be soft and supple, is it free of skin problems, and does your tender child suffer from colds due to the use of the wrong massage oil for his soft skin?

3 Benefits of Olive for Baby Massage

In addition to being one of the healthiest and most effective cooking oils, olive oil is used for skin care and cosmetic purposes. This becomes an easy choice for your baby's massage, although choosing a good product is extremely important. Figaro Olive Oil is a renowned brand and a pioneer in the Indian market, making it the most reliable choice available!

Note: If your baby's skin is damaged or prone to eczema, olive oil may not be the best choice for baby massage. Consult your doctor before using olive oil to massage your baby.

১. All weather-worthy massage oils

This is definitely a benefit that all moms can get! There are some oils that are limited to the summer or winter season, as using them at any other time can affect your baby's health. However, this is not the case with this type of oil. You only need to consider the amount you are using to massage your baby. In the winter months, use a little more because the skin is dry, but in the summer, use a small amount, as olive oil can be quite heavy on the skin which requires less moisture.

2. There are moisturizing properties

Protect your little baby's soft baby skin with the moisturizing properties of olive oil, making it smoother, softer and lighter than ever before! Olive oil contains scalane which is a hydrating agent, it makes your baby's skin sweat, it softens the baby!
৩. Healing the cradle cap
It is a skin problem that causes dry and flaky layers on the baby's skin, the cradle cap usually doesn't cause too much discomfort to the baby, although it is not very pleasant to look at. Olive oil aids in curing cradle caps; Just massage the baby's head with oil and leave it on for 5 to 20 minutes. Wash the oil with a light shampoo and use a sieve to remove loose bits and flakes. You will see favorable results just a few times!
৪. Cough cure
With winter approaching, your baby's bouts of colds and coughs also come! Massaging your baby's breast with a mixture of eucalyptus radiata oil and a few drops of good olive oil, such as Figaro Olive Oil, can help relieve her cough and shortness of breath. You can rub it on the palm of his hand or on the soles of his feet to get more relief.

৫. Prevents and heals diaper rashes

Another common problem that appears to be a nightmare to both mothers and babies, dealing with diaper rashes can be quite difficult. Avoid these rashes by massaging your baby's diaper area with olive oil. You can also use a mixture of two tablespoons of olive oil and light hot water to help relieve your baby's rash.

৬. Promotes sleep

Olive oil has soothing properties that can make your baby sleepy. Rub the skin on your baby's feet with some drops of olive oil and massage them until they fall asleep lightly.
৭. Good for hair health
Olive oil strengthens your baby's hair and softens it if it is rough or coarse. It is a good source of Vitamin E which enhances the structure of the hair and moisturizes it well.

When massaging your baby, you want to make sure it benefits him directly from head to toe! An olive oil massage for your baby is great all season and also nourishes her skin and hair through the other benefits it provides. Make sure you choose a quality product that is trusted by other moms like Figaro Olive Oil, and your baby's beautiful skin will thank you soon!

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